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Ilona Podhrazska ~ Experiencer

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In the US, a book came out. It is not customary to go abroad first and then home. What is it that she came out in the US?
It started with the fact that one of my distinguished astronaut Ken Johnston from New Mexico put me in Facebook friends and the next day he gave me friends to his big friend Bret Colin Sheppard, who is also from the same city of Belen in New Mexico. I have been a self-taught English for about one year, and the information we receive through Humanoid EBE-Olie’s spiritistic method began to write in English, and I thought it might take some scientists sometimes. And it was Bret Sheppard. Bret offered us that he would be very happy to help us create a book in America. So we sent him the lyrics when he recently published a book in English and now also in the Czech language. Still, by myself, one researcher Stuart Spencer from Brazil has written to me that he is willing to translate our book into Portuguese. So it should be a book in three languages ​​…

The book is a description of your contact with extraterrestrial civilization – humanoid Ebe Olie. When did you meet him for the first time?
With Humanoid Ebe, we met for the first time in 1992 when we came back from the evening walk home. We opened the door from the street and we came across something strange. The door closed very quickly. Of course, we were scared. We thought there was a thief behind the door. Then I tried to open the door again. My sister Ivan was right behind me. I opened the door and a small, beige figure with a narrow body came up and set behind our low wall into our backyard. There was a strange noise. It was shocking for us, and we were worried if something happened to our parents at home, but we did not have the courage to go through this place. We stood for a while in front of our house and suddenly as if from the top 3x called my name: “Ilono! Ilono! Ilona! “It was a very deep male voice. We really were afraid of our parents if anything happened to them. We rang the bell and ran quickly to the police. Then we came by car to our house and our mom was in the window and said, “What’s going on here?” The police searched our yard. There were only a few broken flower pots behind the low wall … Then they left and laughed. They thought we were probably kidding. As soon as they left, our mom remembered that for about an hour and a half before, she had heard in the kitchen strange sounds coming out of our backyard. Mommy ironed her laundry and first thought it was us and that we wanted to scare our mom. It was weird that we still do not go home. She got scared and went to the living room. And then she heard our ringing … She walked slowly to the window, and in a moment she saw the police car in front of our house.

Can you describe your ability to communicate with it?
Sometimes in 1993, I tried a spiritism with one lady. The hard paper is marked with a circle with an alphabet and a small glass. Hold your finger lightly on the glass with the bottom up and the glass goes to the individual letters. You can connect to different entities …. I was very interested, and so I told my sister Ivana if she did not want to try it either. And so we tried it … We put our two fingers on the glass. The glass went off very quickly and began to say, “I am not a ghost, I am an alien from the planet Eliel. My name is Olie. In America we call “EBE” This is the abbreviation “Energical Biological Entity”. We are glad you believe in our existence. Ivana is endowed with a special power and is a sort of mediator between the planet Eliel and the Earth … It is like a navigator over a computer transmitter remotely to people … Then Ebe wrote that I would not hold a drink that it would be better if only Ivan would hold his finger on the glass and I I have to write it in the workbook. Since then, we have been in contact. From the beginning, he wrote mistakes and used words in the infinitive. Sometimes it uses some kind of codes and other words we do not understand. It also provides enough expert information about physics, chemistry, biology …. It also uses Latin words, words similar to Hebrew and old Indian …

The alien is to be the mediator between the planet Earth and Elielia. What constellation should be in?
Ebe Olie told us that he is from another galaxy from the planet Elielij, which is distant from 39 light years … and is from the 12 dimension. It’s so incomprehensible to us. There are more dimensions that intertwine each other. There are many people who begin to perceive these dimensions and are also connected with the different beings of the universe. We are not alone in the universe!

Everybody would want to see Ebe Olie. Possible?
What I know, so few people already met with them. In 1994 we were invited to Oblekovice near Znojmo to show communication about 30 people. There was also a priest. In communication, Ebe told us that they would show us a demonstration flight in the evening so people would not think we were communicating with some kind of spirit that was just an extraterrestrials. In fact, around 23 hours, we were able to show ourselves in full bluff! With a light-colored bowl-shaped object, they jostled right and left and went back and forth several times. They maneuvered tremendously, and even in moments the red and green lights flashed from the object, and the object acted as if spinning. Some people began to cry with joy and cry, saying, “They really exist! “We are very sorry we did not have a camera or a camera at hand. Since then, we have seen many different unidentifiable objects in the sky and in the daylight with more people. There is much we have seen and experienced. And I hope we will still experience ….

Have you ever tried to pass on the knowledge you capture – scientists, politicians, etc? With what result?
At first, we only knew it a few people, ufologists in the Czech and Slovak Republics. We have been on TV several times, but we have not said exactly what Ebe – Olie tells us exactly. Up to now, thanks to facebook, we passed it among scholars and scientists from different parts of the world. It is only now that we have started to care about us and what Ebe tells us. They even ask questions and Olie answers them. Again, there are researchers who believe and do not believe us. And those who believe us know that we do not think and even confirm that it is true and that we can not think of it in any way. They are also very expert information about physics, chemistry, biology, universe, etc. From the Czech government a few people know about us. Even one politician has come to visit us personally several times. For obvious reasons, I would prefer not to mention his name.

People, your abilities and the existence of EBE Olie definitely perceive inconsistently. Some people may appear to be people who want to be visible, others in you may see fools. Is that the case?
It is. But we do not do anything. This is not our problem. We just do not want the information for so many years to be hidden somewhere in the closet. I can not speak English yet, I’m just writing … but even so we got to KGRA radio this year, radio in Pennsylvania. I wrote it and the announcer from Michael Austin Melton radiated it here for us. It was even a success, and people still called them to the radio and wanted to continue. They also wanted the latest Olie news. So this year, 4x has already begun on KGRA radio in Pennsylvania, which can be launched over the Internet. I think it’s not over.

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