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Welcome to the Alien Contact Organization

Welcome to the Alien Contact Organization.  We have a strong desire to awaken the world, help humanity everywhere realize that aliens exist and walk among us.  Many have had contact, some via traditional “abduction” experiences while many others have conscious contact and recall all if not most of the details of the experience. Some realize they are aliens, hybrids or souls that have had many lives in many other worlds and dimensions. Earth is but one stomping ground for souls to incarnate and experience lives so that the soul might learn, grow, evolve and become more conscious and aware of its role in the Universe.

Aliens have been with humanity since its inception. They are more than likely our creators. Aliens have been involved with our world periodically transforming and introducing new species, flora and fauna at punctuated periods necessary to allow the experiment in species development to evolve and come to fruition.  Under many layers of rock and dirt our modern sonar equipment in satellites uncover that which was previously hidden for generations.  We now recover the mysteries of our past.  Soon we join the Federation of Planets as childhood’s end creates the events where humanity will be invited to join and become galactic citizens.

While it often seems we are in the midst of primitive and dark times, we are actually at the brink of major evolution in consciousness.  It’s always darkest right before the dawn.  A new age of enlightenment is dawning. Join us as we connect the dots, awaken and realize we have created this illusion of separation and soon will experience a grand homecoming as we reunite with our galactic family and remember where we began this journey and how far we’ve come.